Dr Chris Hughes is a Lecturer in the School of Computer Science at Salford University, UK. His research is focused heavily on developing computer science solutions to promote inclusivity and diversity throughout the broadcast industry. This aims to ensure that broadcast experiences are inclusive across different languages, addressing the needs of those with hearing and low vision problems, learning difficulties and the aged. He was a partner in the H2020 Immersive Accessibility (ImAc) Project.

Previously he worked for the UX group within BBC R&D where he was responsible for developing the concept of responsive subtitles and demonstrated several methods for automatically recovering and phonetically realigning subtitles. He has a particular interest in accessible services and is currently focused on developing new methods for providing accessibility services within an immersive context, such as Virtual Reality and 360 degree video.

His Ph. D was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) as a joint project between the Universities at Bangor, Swansea, Leeds, and Manchester as part of a project to develop 'An Advanced Environment for Enabling Visual Supercomputing'. As part of my research I developed a novel approach to Augmented Reality (AR) enabling real world objects to be tracked by extracting feature points from the users viewpoint, giving a natural interface for interfacing with the computer graphics.